Understanding the South Antarctic Krill Industry


Dear clients, colleagues and friends

I want to welcome everyone to Tharos’ new blog dedicated to the understanding of the South Antarctic Krill industry.

Although we will cover many different topics that at times may seem complicated, we will try to explain things in a simplified, yet detailed manner.

The decision to start this blog has not been easy. It is not only a matter about finding ways to better communicate our ideas, but also in a manner that respects the confidentiality we must have with past and current assignments, but also in a way that creates value to the reader.  For this reason, your feedback, as a reader interested in the krill industry, is very important for us.  We very much welcome your comments, your input and involvement, and your critiques too as long as they help up raise the standard of our work.

This is a different though amazing way to be in contact with you all.  We expect to make a serious and professional contribution to your understanding of this industry.  For many years we have received your complaints about the secrecy how South Antarctic krill players handle information, affecting how you manage your own business models.  This has affected the entire value chain, from aqua feed manufacturers to pharma-grade ingredient distributors.  It is not only the lack of pricing information but also production plans, long-term business models and what happens with the industry in general.

We will probably not be able to solve all your doubts and reply all your questions but we will try to make the best effort to achieve this.

We have been doubtful on how to convey ideas, information and concepts.  For example, follow a chronology starting mid 70’s when the commercial South Antarctic krill saw its real start, as a sort of chain of events, or just blog about state of current events and what we expect for the future. We think that a combination of both is the best. You will understand current events and what to expect for the future when confronted with past and real experiences. As you well know, not all promises in this industry become a reality.  And probably, conveying words alongside images and short videos will help this mission.

This task is by no means possible without the contribution on my very good friend, colleague and co-inventor Mr. Raul Toro. Raul is one, if not the most knowledgeable person in this industry. Raul has been in the South Antarctic Krill industry since his first assignment in 1975 onboard Chilean krill research and fishing trawler F/T “Aroza VII” and later onboard Japanese trawlers from Nippon Suisan F/T’s “Aso Maru” and F/T “Yoshino Maru”) back in 1979.

There are few people in this industry that knows what Raul knows as he is able to combine research matters in combination with commercial activity.

Raul has seen great projects gone busted as well as humble ones succeed.  No matter what the news say, all current South Antarctic krill operators, except very few ones, are newcomers to this industry. They still have a long road to get a grasp of what all this industry has to offer.  Raul not only knows this industry but has also been a direct player of it, shaping in several ways how this industry looks at present.

Myself and Raul have travelled throughout this industry adding value and making mistakes.  These last ones put us in the formidable position to understand what the real value proposal of operators is versus what they have to accomplish for their value proposal to become a reality.

I am very proud to have crossed my personal and professional life with Raul.  And I am sure you will come to understand this while we work with you.

We still doubt the frequency that our blog should have, for example monthly, bi-monthly, etc.  Let us know your preferences.

Your feedback is paramount to make this blog a success.