About Us


With nutrition and health as our primary business areas, we focus on animal, human and pharmaceutical products. We work as project consultants, foreign company representatives, quality program developers, brokers and distributors.

Specializing in marine and seafood projects that require extensive operational and market analysis, marketing and sales, we work with corporations worldwide, including in Japan, Korea, Poland, USA, Uruguay, Chile, Russia, Ukraine and Norway.

How Tharos Creates Value

As outsourced independent contractors, we develop and manage projects, including sales and marketing. We operate on a fee-per-accomplishment agreement, a fee-per-unit sold (brokerage) system or a combination of both.

Flexible working teams keep your projects affordable. We continually evaluate progress towards reaching your main goal. We carry out the projects on-site, dealing directly with the contractor and the client cooperatively.

Representing world-class international companies focused on wellness products, our core competences range from marine product ideas to development. We create and process affordable nutritional and pharmaceutical ingredients, from on-site quality control to on-time distribution.

Dimitri Sclabos, President of Tharos, has worked in the marine industries since the late 1980s. Tharos has specialized in krill consulting and other fisheries projects since 1995. Our main areas of interest are the feed and food business segments. Tharos’ technical and marketing reports are well known and have been used as a benchmark tool for government policies.


Our mission is to increase our clients’ value by acting as independent contractors and sub-contractors. The goal is to decrease overhead costs by providing highly experienced professionals, flexible working teams, and on-site quality control.

Contact us to find out how we can help you:

Tharos Ltd. PH: (+562) 273-4966 e-mail: tharos@tharos.biz or complete the contact form. Learn more about Tharos in our corporate website www.tharos.biz